Staffed Hours

Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm

Saturday 9am - 12pm

Weekend Hours

(with key fob)

Saturday 8am - 4pm

Sunday 10am - 6pm

Extended Hours

7 days a week

5:30am - Midnight

Member Benefits

Access to our Gym

Includes a full range of Cardio Equipment, Strength Machines, and Free Weights


Private Complimentary Training Session

Includes equipment orientation, basic guidelines for setting up your own workout routine, and pointers on correct form and technique


Full Access

To Locker Rooms, Showers and Cedar Sauna



On Day Passes for your Guests and on Classes


Children's programs

Teen Training and more.


Extended Hours

Optional digital key for extended hours of gym access 7 days a week 5:30am - Midnight

Coporate Wellness Plan

The Corporate Wellness Plan at Floyd Fitness offers discounts to employees who purchase gym memberships through their employer. The discount is based on the number of employees participating, and it is designed to accommodate the many small businesses in Floyd County.

1 - 5 employees

6 - 10 employees

11 - 15 employees

16 or more employees

5% Discount

10% Discount

15% Discount

20% Discount

Employer Responsibilities

The employer has the responsibility of collecting (through payroll deduction or other means) all membership fees from participating employees and submitting them to Floyd Fitness in the form of one monthly payment each month or an annual payment. With each payment, the employer must also complete and submit a simple spreadsheet summary (an excel template will be furnished) and enclose completed and signed membership agreements for any new members. Blank membership agreements are available at the gym or by download below.

Printable Membership Agreement

Employers must submit the following to Floyd Fitness by the 1st of each month:

  1. Payment for upcoming month

  2. Completed spreadsheet for upcoming month

  3. Any new membership agreements

Employee Responsibilities

Each participating employee may choose the monthly contract or the 12-month contract and may apply their discount to an Individual Membership, Couples Membership, Family, etc. All of the membership options and rates are available on our Membership Rates page. There is a one-time enrollment fee of $40 for each new membership (Individual, Couple, Family, etc). Only membership dues are discounted; the optional $3 monthly Extended Access Fee, the Key Fob Deposit, and the Enrollment Fee are not discounted.