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Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm

Saturday 9am - 12pm

Weekend Hours

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Saturday 8am - 4pm

Sunday 10am - 6pm

Extended Hours

7 days a week

5:30am - Midnight

Rowan Chantal, Certified Personal Trainer

Rowan holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Berea College in Physical Education, with a concentration in Health and Wellness Promotion.

Rowan has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2006. He graduated from The Ancestral Mountain Tui-Na (A form of Deep Tissue massage) School of Body Work in 2011.

Rowan's main emphasis for his clients is "Functional Fitness". "Improving a person's life through physical activity is what I strive for." Helping people discover what is the best program for them is the goal. "Physical activity is the best preventative for many diseases." He believes that happiness and self-esteem come from a healthful outlook, a healthful diet, as well as establishing a conscious and "doable" fitness program.

Simply - he wishes for each person to experience health and well-being, but not only during his programs. He helps people develop skills and knowledge that they can continue to use to create a productive and healthy lifestyle on their own.

For more information contact Rowan at 540-230-8113 or

Single Session: $50.00

Pricing for sessions is by the hour.

Package A

4 - 1 hour sessions at $200.00 ($50 an hour) 1 session a week

Package B

8 - 1 hour sessions at $320.00 ($40.00 an hour) 2 sessions a week

Package C

12 - 1 hour sessions at $420.00 ($35.00 an hour) 3 sessions a week

Partner Packages

Package A

4 - 1 hour sessions at $280.00 ($70.00 an hour)

Package B

8 - 1 hour sessions at $480.00 ($60.00 an hour)

Package C

12 - 1 hour sessions at $660.00 ($55.00 an hour)

Brigitte Williams, Certified Personal Trainer

Brigitte is an ACE certified personal trainer with active current certs in AED, CPR, and first aid.

She provides the orientation sessions for new members at Floyd Fitness, guiding them through the most used machines, exercises, and equipment to demonstrate a safe and effective workout program.

Brigitte offers personal training for those members interested in a more personalized and focused fitness regimen.

She is a strong advocate of health and fitness for everyone, regardless of prior experience or current fitness level and will work with your strengths to customize a program to meet your needs.

For more information contact Brigitte at 540-651-2026; or

Session Pricing

Free initial consultation

1-4 Sessions: $29 an hour

5-9 Sessions: $25 an hour


10+ Sessions: $22 an hour