Welcome to the new Floyd Fitness website!
We worked really hard on it!

If you made your way to this page, then you have found our new website, and we would like to welcome you to it. Floyd Fitness has been in business for a little over 11 years and so far has provided the top standard in fitness for the area. We strive to improve with new equipment, new class offerings, and new technology when available. The website is now equipped with a forum for our member to ask questions and get answers about health and fitness so the community can grow as a whole. We are also launching our events page where we will post special programs and events that will be hosted here at the gym. Our classes will have their own page later with an interactive calendar that will let you save the events to your own personal calendar. The new sections for account, shop, and fitness tracker will link to external websites, but will allow you to buy Floyd Fitness merchandise, signup and manage memberships, and track your fitness/diet goals. You are not obligated to use any of these tools, but they have been provided at no cost to anyone who would like to use them even if you are not a member. If you have any questions about the gym, this post, or anything at all, feel free to reach out and we will help you as best as we can. Thanks for reading and stay Floyd Fit!

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