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Brigitte Williams

Certified Personal Trainer

With members ranging in age, size, ability, and experience level, Floyd Fitness truly represents the diverse community it serves.
Since starting work as a personal trainer ten years ago in 2012, I have worked to help a wide range of clients to achieve their health and fitness goals in a fun, relaxed, and welcoming gym environment.

Whether you are a senior citizen with joint replacements who wants to learn safe exercise options, a young man who wants to maximize hypertrophy by optimizing protein intake and effective program splits, a busy working mom who wants to lift heavy and train to compete in her first powerlifting competition, or a fabulous 50+ lady who wants to look and feel her best in a bikini this summer, I will tailor my approach to best serve YOU. With all of YOUR unique goals, history, and preferences.

From advice on effective supplements and nutrition strategies, appropriate exercise selection, optimal hydration, and active recovery, from basic mobility to competition prep; if you have a goal, I have the evidence based (and field tested) tools necessary to help you build the strong, stable, sustainable progress you need to realize your goals.

  • BFA VCU                                                             1996
  • Worked, married, and started a family  1996-2003
  • Moved to Floyd county                                  2003
  • Homeschool teacher                                     2003-2011
  • ACE personal training certification          2011
  • Began work at Floyd Fitness gym            2012
  • ACE fitness nutrition certification             2013
  • Began MACROS coaching                         2013
  • NC State PL championship 1st place    2016
  • VA State PL championship 1st place     2016
  • VA Monster bash 1st place bench          2016
  • AED/CPR certified                                          current
  • Equality Means Business Membership  current

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT BRIGITTE AT 540-651-2026; [email protected] 

OR [email protected]


Rowan Chantal

Certified Personal Trainer

Rowan holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Berea College in Physical Education, with a concentration in Health and Wellness Promotion.

Rowan has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2006. He graduated from The Ancestral Mountain Tui-Na (A form of Deep Tissue massage) School of Body Work in 2011.

Rowan’s main emphasis for his clients is “Functional Fitness”. “Improving a person’s life through physical activity is what I strive for.” Helping people discover what is the best program for them is the goal. “Physical activity is the best preventative for many diseases.” He believes that happiness and self-esteem come from a healthful outlook, a healthful diet, as well as establishing a conscious and “doable” fitness program.

Simply – he wishes for each person to experience health and well-being, but not only during his programs. He helps people develop skills and knowledge that they can continue to use to create a productive and healthy lifestyle on their own.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT ROWAN AT 540-230-8113 OR [email protected]